Thursday, March 25

iReport: Voice of the People

With CNN's iReport millions of people are given the power to report (or vent in some cases) about issues or whatever is happening in their hometowns...or the world.

"iReport is a user-generated section of" says CNN.

As I checked out iReport for the first time I found it really helpful. In a video titled "Health care reform and you" (which was found snuggled nicely in the "Assignment Desk" section) gave a personal look at (and humanized) what the Health Care Reform means to Americans.

I went on to find videos posted about topics from animals that excaped from the zoo to NYC mural controversy to Irish fiddles.

As reported by CNN iReport there is a total of 436,763 iReports, but only 25,077 have been "vetted" or cleared by CNN.

With CNN confirming and clearing (and possibly editing) these user-generated iReports does it still allow for the people to have a voice? You tell me.

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