Thursday, April 22

Facebook's Plan to take over the Web.

With all the media hype around the new Facebook changes I'm sure you all are aware of some of the new aspects of the social media phenomenon. But, just incase you've been living in a cave on some uncivilized island off the coast of Fiji here they are:

1. When I logged into Facebook the other day this is what graced the top of the Peak Seven Facebook Page:

"Introducing the Like button: Starting today people will be able to connect with your page by clicking "Like" rather than "Become a Fan." We hope this action will feel much more lightweight, and that it will increase the number of connections made across the site."

So, that seems pretty simple enough, No more fans, just likes.

2. The internet becomes more social (if that's possible).

According to CNN, "Buttons with the word "like" and a thumbs-up icon on them are going to start popping up all over the internet. By clicking one, you indicate that you find the content interesting, relevant or helpful. Basically, you would recommend it to a friend. When you click on, you post the item -- whether it's a blog post, photo or celebrity web page -- to your facebook news feed."

Again, pretty simple - find something interesting on the web, tell you're facebook friends about it.

Now for someone who works in advertising there are many beneficial and detrimental aspects to the new changes. So as you learn throughout grade-school whenever you have to make a decision make a pro/con chart - here's mine:

- Less of a commitment when you "Like" something as oppose to "Become a Fan."
- When you post something to a site, if people "Like" it, more people can see it.
- Solidifies the idea of Facebook is here to stay.

- Less of a commitment when you "Like" something as oppose to "Become a Fan."
- Many corporations already have inve$ted into "Become a Fan."
- It can become "spam" and through Facebook privacy settings users may reject the idea.

Continue the pro/con list and tell me how you feel...I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, March 25

iReport: Voice of the People

With CNN's iReport millions of people are given the power to report (or vent in some cases) about issues or whatever is happening in their hometowns...or the world.

"iReport is a user-generated section of" says CNN.

As I checked out iReport for the first time I found it really helpful. In a video titled "Health care reform and you" (which was found snuggled nicely in the "Assignment Desk" section) gave a personal look at (and humanized) what the Health Care Reform means to Americans.

I went on to find videos posted about topics from animals that excaped from the zoo to NYC mural controversy to Irish fiddles.

As reported by CNN iReport there is a total of 436,763 iReports, but only 25,077 have been "vetted" or cleared by CNN.

With CNN confirming and clearing (and possibly editing) these user-generated iReports does it still allow for the people to have a voice? You tell me.

Thursday, February 25

Facebook, Twitter & TV?

The NY Times reported recently that "blogs and social websites like Facebook and Twitter enable an online water-cooler conversation, encouraging people to split their time between the computer screen and the big-screen TV."

This is a very interesting concept which forces a creative ad agency, like Peak Seven, to seek new and innovative ways to reach an audience.

As sexy as the 30 second TV spot is, is it still effective if people are logging on to update their Facebook and Twitter accounts each commercial break to tweet how amazing Apolo Ohno is or how the Saints won the biggest game of the year?

Or is this a blessing in disguise? User-generated content and discussions is what's fueling the social networking industry (and if it wasn't for social networking, I might not have a job today).

People are looking to feel connected, people want to feel apart of something more. We are no longer just spectators in our living rooms, but fiends for instant gratification (or discussion).

So go ahead America - lay on the couch, find some good TV and cuddle up to your laptop. Tweet away, we'll be following.

Tuesday, February 9

Peak Seven featured in "The New Big Book of Layouts" to be released Fall 2010

Like how every good mother is proud of their child's accomplishments, we're pretty proud of ours too! Some of Peak Seven's design work will be featured in an advertising industry book called "The New Big Book of Layouts," published by Harper Collins, due out in Fall 2010.

Our featured work includes Palm Beach Driving Club Print Ad, Website, and Brochure; Headquarter Honda Invite; Dublin Scrap Metal Website; Diamond Falls Estates Brochure; P&H Interiors Brochure; Mizner Industries Brochure; GA Telesis Folder/Brochure; and our own Peak Seven Holiday Survival Guide.
This book is an internationally distributed hardcover book and can be pre-ordered on Check out a full list of the awards we've won over the years.

Thursday, February 4

YAS Marina Circuit Creates Mini Movie

Peak Seven was busy January 22, 23 and 24, 2010 shooting cinema quality footage of Abu Dhabi based YAS Marina Circuit Top Fuel Dragsters. With a racing background and extreme knowledge of the industry Peak Seven was asked to get the first ever video and still photography of YAS's all new two car team which cost five million dollars. It began as documentation of the behind the scenes of their Top Fuel Dragster Teams and drag racing in general. The scope of the project grew dramatically, essentially becoming a documentary. From detailed educational aspects such as the car, light tree, track conditions, scoring, hauler, engine and operations to amazing interviews with the who's who of drag racing such as Don Schumacher, Mike Stewart, Lee Beard all with Don Schumacher Racing who built the teams from the ground up in only two months to Rod "Hot Rod" Fuller and Tommy Johnson drivers of the 8,000 horsepowered dragsters.
"This was quite a task as we were shooting and maneuvering around the race teams with a sound guy, videographer and photographer all while the teams were working on the cars and testing - it may have been 15 hour days but it was an adrenaline filled time" said Darren Seys, Director of the shoot with Peak Seven.

The YAS Teams were vigorously testing their new teams to get them up to speed before getting shipped over to Abu Dhabi in February (it will take a month to get both teams to the track). The agency was there to document and get footage in order to put together promotional marketing materials and commercials prior to the inaugural race in Abu Dhabi in March 2010.

Learn more at and be sure to catch excerpts of this amazing footage soon on our Peak Seven blog.

Wednesday, January 20

Peak Seven Partners with Client in a "Hope for Haiti" Initiative

After the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti on January 12, 2010 Peak Seven and their client Headquarter Toyota reacted immediately. After a day of research Peak Seven facilitated a relationship between the "Hope for Haiti" charity and Headquarter Toyota in Miami. Headquarter Toyota is an official drop off location for the charity, who has been helping the people of Haiti long before this tragedy. Peak generated a Public Service Announcement (PSA) that quickly began running Saturday the 16th on major spanish radio channels in Miami. Wow Factor media agency handled the implementation of the media plan, which included the actual buy being graciously donated by all the major radio stations. We are happy to report that only 4 days after our collective efforts, we have filled four truck loads of goods for the people of Haiti.

If you would like to make a difference please drop off any medical supplies, non-expired over-the-counter medicines and bottled water, to Headquarter Toyota located at 5895 NW 167th St Miami, FL 33015 or call 1-800-549-0947 for more information. Cash donations are being accepted at

Friday, January 15

Social Marketing - Tips and Truths

A lot of organizations want to just jump right into the unknown world (well, to most of society) of Social Networking because they have heard from someone somewhere that everyone has to be on social networking sites. Not only is this not true, but takes a great deal of time and potentially a lot of money.

But for those brave souls who have or are trying to venture out into the vast unknown of the “Twitterverse” and have shared information with millions of friends and followers on Facebook and MySpace here are some tips to consider when establishing your social media presence.

First, be sure to create a brandthat is consistent among different sites. For instance, Peak Seven remains consistent with their name, graphics and basic designs from website to website. Check out Peak Seven on Facebook , Youtube and Twitter. A website like NameChk is a great resource to check your username and be sure it is available across different social mediums – and it’s really cool.

Next, as any good Social Marketing Guru knows, it is crucial to network with all of your social marketing platforms - link your Twitter to your Facebook and your blog to your LinkedIn. In other words make it easy for your clients, potential clients and people who just like what you do to know what you’re doing.

Ok, so you’ve created your brand and linked it all together now what? It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist (although it could be cool to be one) to figure out that it’s going to take some work to get people on your page and to keep them there.

It’s important to serve as a resource by offering suggestions and advice. Also your page will continue to be engaging if you keep your followers and fans up to date on new technologies and trends.

Another way to increase readership is by creating contests that stimulate participation – offer gift certificates, free services or even weekly deals.

Lastly, listen to what clients are saying and encourage discussion by posting questions through surveys and discussion boards. With that said enjoy your endeavor into the never ending abyss of social networking. Good Luck.

Have questions, comments or concerns? Post them here. We’d love to hear 'em!