Wednesday, June 24

The Twisted Frosty vs The iPhone

I had a whole blog planned out for Wendy’s new Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty, because the commercial reminds me of the characters I work with and it looks really yummy, but that was before I got my iPhone.

iPhone Day 1

I had been waiting for its arrival all week, so come Friday, with my tracking number in hand, I repeatedly checked to see if it had been delivered to my house. Finally, around lunchtime, it had arrived. Time to stop everything and go get it—god forbid someone steal it off my front step. So, rather than go it alone, I told Brian, my partner in crime here at Peak Seven, to stop what he was doing and dragged him along with me.

After picking it up without incident, I made a half-hearted attempt at my Twisted Frosty blog by going to Wendy’s for lunch. But to no avail, I was too busy playing with the iPhone (or rather just holding it since it wasn’t even charged up yet) to even try the Frosty!

Since I was not able to do anything with the phone until I got home, I went back to work and tried to forget about it for a while. Okay, occasionally I took the box out and admired the packaging and just held the phone to feel the weight in my hand, and gazed at the sleek design ….. just kidding, c’mon, people, I was at work and had important things to create. ;)

Hours and hours later after much hard work, the day was done and me and my iPhone went home. But, once again, life got in the way—my in-laws were visiting and I couldn’t be rude, my manners kicked in and felt that it was only right to eat with the family, and my mommy duty wouldn’t let me do anything else until I gave my son a bath, brushed his teeth, put on his pj’s, read a story and tucked him in for bed. Luckily, my son is very easy (knock on wood) and this went very quickly. Finally, it was time to give my phone some juice and see what it could do.

So, my hubby and I sat down at my Mac with phone in hand. I plugged it in and just like that it was activated! At the advice of my pal, Brian, we set up a new email with an imap account so I wouldn’t get dupe emails that would very well make me go crazy, and then I synced it with my calendar, emails, contacts etc and voila, I had a phone ready to use. Of course, now I had to make it my own. I sent myself pictures of my son and with the click of a button, instantly made it my wallpaper, oh so cute! Now I see his adorable face every time I use my phone. Then I went to the free apps and got myself some cool stuff: Fandango to check movie times, Pandora to listen to music, some neat games and of course, Facebook and Tweetdeck so I can stay connected (because as we know, social marketing is very important). Eventually, I had to call it a night, because unfortunately, the world of being a parent doesn’t stop just because you get an iPhone, so off I went to bed.

iPhone Day 2

With my son happily fed and taking a morning nap under his grandmother’s watchful eye, I was able to run some errands and the first thing on my list was an iPhone case. I had scoped out cases for a week and came to the conclusion, with advice from other users, that the incase brand was the way to go. I went to BestBuy and bought a gunmetal slider case that fits perfectly! Very nice!

Next stop was Lowes, where my hubby likes to take his time and I usually get bored. But this time was very different—I had an iPhone to keep me busy. So….I made plans with friends for a movie night. I looked up the time on my Fandango app, sent an email to one friend, sent a text message to another and called a third friend with the Voice Memo feature so I didn’t have to search for a number or dial, and lastly, I added the event to my calendar. All while walking around the aisles of Lowes!

So now, here I sit, on Saturday night, sipping on a latte at Barnes and Noble (grandparents really are grand!) and writing my blog on the Notes feature on my iPhone, and I am amazed at how much I used my phone in just two days, especially for someone who never really wanted one until my hubby suggested I get one. And so I have to ask, now that I have an awesome phone and a really cool case, should I get a new purse with the perfect spot to fit this new coveted phone? (I’m only half kidding, this is important to us girls!)

I also ask you this—is this my life now, revolving around the iPhone or is it that the iPhone works perfectly in tandem with my life and so my iPhone revolves around me? I choose to go with the latter. And off I go to find more apps, take more pictures, play with more videos, read more emails and on and on and on…. Glorious!

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